My name is Emil. I created this site to share my personal real estate investing journey and learnings along the way to achieving my goal of $100k/year in cash flow.

My hope is that it’ll show you how to get started or keep growing your portfolio.

The main focus on this blog will be to show you the actual numbers and details behind owning rental properties. The big wins, the painful lessons, and the eye-opening experiences. Nothing will be off the table here. And most importantly, I’ll show you how I invest in properties located thousands of miles away from where I live while also holding down a full-time job.

I’ll be writing about things like:

  • What $40,399 in rental income in 2019 actually translated into in terms of cash flow for us
  • How being a remote real estate investor forces you to treat investing like a business and only requires spending 1-2 hours per month “managing” your properties
  • How to treat your investing like a business and get it to the point where you’re buying new properties without constantly having to save money to invest
  • Ongoing monthly income and activity reports so you can see what it’s like to invest in rental properties


My story (so far):

I’ll never forget the feeling of my first rent check. Somebody else just paid my mortgage AND I got a couple hundred dollars of profit on top of it?! I was hooked and I knew I wanted to acquire more properties as quickly as I could.

Let me tell you a little bit about my real estate investing journey.

Shortly after I graduated college, I quit my job and decided to move back home (Los Angeles). My dad had just acquired an apartment building and needed some help doing some basic cosmetic work and rehab. I was in between jobs and decided why not.

Fast forward a couple of years and my dad was financially free living off of a couple of rental properties. He’s not sitting by the pool of a mansion sipping Dom, but he has complete control over his schedule, a consistent source of cash flow that covers more than what he spends, and an asset that you can pull money from to create even more wealth for yourself. To me, that’s true wealth.

So I knew I wanted to invest in real estate. There was only problem…

I live in Los Angeles where the down payment I could afford for a property would basically cover this:

(and not even in a good part of town)

So I got a little discouraged and wasn’t sure what to do.

One morning on my drive to work, I was listening to one of my favorite personal finance/investing podcasts and the guest they had on was talking about remote real estate investing. She lived in D.C. and was priced out of her local market too. She saw that Florida had a lot of reasonably priced properties (~$100k-150k) and was starting to appreciate nicely post 2008 housing bubble crash. So she decided to build a local team to help her find, buy, and manage her rental properties.

And that’s when the light bulb went off 🤯

If she could do it while juggling a full-time job and the obligations of family life, why couldn’t I?

So I bought my first 2 rental properties in 2017. Then another in 2018, and a fourth in 2019. Everything is managed by professional property managers so I’m not dealing with the headaches of tenants.

To me, I want to treat this like a business where everyone is working on what they’re good at. I hire property managers who are very skilled in dealing with the operations and day-to-day so I focus on making more money to invest in more rental properties (even if it means I take home less of the rent each month).


So how is this site different from the hundreds of other ones out there?

There are a lot of other real estate blogs and “gurus” out there talking about how you should quit your job and start investing in real estate full-time

And oh wow! You can do it with no money down and become a millionaire in 12 months. If that’s the type of content you’re looking for, this ain’t the place.

Instead, I’ll show you how I’m going about investing in cash flowing, buy and hold rental properties so you can do the same. I’m also a big believer in remote real estate investing since I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country, so you’ll see how I navigate that.

My hope is that instead of waiting 10-15 years to consider myself an expert and then share it with people, I can just do it along the way. I’ve found that you get much more valuable insights from people when they’re sharing while on the journey versus recalling things from 5-10 years ago. The details don’t become as blurry.

Look, real estate investing isn’t always fun. There are definitely going to be times of stress and it won’t feel like you’re making that much in the beginning. But overall it’s an awesome way to build wealth and (mostly) passive income.

Thanks for being here – I’m excited to have you along for the jouney!