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Here’s the 4-step process I use to grow your site’s traffic:

In-Depth Research

Learn more about your target audience and their pain points, map those to keyword opportunities, and prioritize based on traffic potential and business impact.

Create Content

Find writers who are either experienced in your niche or can write intelligently about the topics we’re targeting and create briefs for them to write.

Audit & Publish

Next we’ll run each post through a thorough SEO audit to make sure it’s comprehensive enough to rank, is easy for readers to digest, and looks good on your blog.

Measure & Improve

While growing traffic is nice, the real goal is conversions. We’ll track those, report on them, and identify ways to improve our conversion rates.

the results I’ve helped companies achieve

557% growth in less than 12 months

In less than a year, my team grew SnackNation’s monthly organic visits from 19,000 to over 125,000.

From 67k organic visits per month to over 400k per month

I helped a SaaS client go from 67,000 organic visits/mo to over 113,000 organic visits/mo in a year. Two years later, that company is hitting over 400,000 organic visitors on a monthly basis.

215% growth in organic traffic in 12 months

I grew a real estate investing marketplace’s organic traffic from 38,880 visitors per month to 123,344 in one year. During that time period, leads from organic traffic also grew by 232%

Why Work With Me?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have lead demand generation for several VC-backed companies. My strength has always been search-focused content that not only grows traffic, but converts. Through years of trial and error, I’ve learned the blueprint for building a content machine that helps companies scale their organic traffic.

Here’s the other thing that I believe sets me apart: when you work with me, I’m only focused on you and a small handful of clients at one time (versus the typical agency model where you’re passed along to a more entry-level associate juggling dozens of accounts).

Unlike other SEO’s, I won’t just bring you traffic and leave you hanging to figure out how to convert it. I’ve grown blog traffic in multiple industries and found successful conversion strategies, and I’ll help your site do the same.

I also don’t require any long-term contracts or commitments.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

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